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A Message from SHRM CEO Hank Jackson

Oct. 31, 2012   
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Dear Colleagues:

Sometimes being part of the SHRM community has nothing to do with achieving objectives, meeting deadlines, or building satisfaction. It just means caring about friends and worrying about the people with whom we share a special bond as SHRM members. In difficult times, letting our friends know we care becomes even more important.

You are in our thoughts as you recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. We regret any losses you may have experienced, and we celebrate and give thanks for the harm you escaped. As SHRM’s regional field team has kept us updated on your reports of homes and property destroyed, we can only marvel at your resilience and courage.

As you recover, and as you move to the next step, please let us know how your Society can help. We’ll do our best to provide you the information and resources you need. More to the point, let your friends here know how we can help you get through this challenge.

We work together, and we succeed together. We are a community. And as your professional society, we stand ready to help you recover.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. My e-mail is


Hank Jackson, CPA
SHRM President and CEO

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