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Johari Window

A leadership disclosure and feedback model that can be used in performance measurement and features the four quadrants (windows) of knowing. Quadrant I represents the area of free activity or public area and refers to behavior and motivation known to self and known to others. Quadrant II represents the blind area where others can see things in ourselves of which we are unaware. Quadrant III represents the avoided or hidden areas, things we know but do not reveal to others (e.g., a hidden agenda or matters about which we have sensitive feelings). Quadrant IV represents the areas of unknown activity, in which neither the individual nor others are aware of certain behaviors or motives.


Joint employment

The relationship between a professional employer organization or employee leasing firm and an employer, based on a contractual sharing of liability and responsibility for employees.


Joint ownership

An arrangement whereby two or more individuals share ownership of property or a business.


Joint venture

Businesses that have been officially linked to improve market share, participate in supportive activities, reduce operating costs and achieve superior efficiency.

Just in time

An inventory control and management strategy in which raw materials are delivered from the supplier prior to the manufacturing process.

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