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Employee Engagement

Chronus Corp. has released an update to its Chronus Mentor software, which is designed to help organizations start, manage and measure mentoring programs. Engagement Plans is a new module that can improve the return on investment of a mentoring program by guiding participants through the process to achieve program and personal goals.

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Health and Safety

Standard Process has launched a new business unit called Cultivate that is designed to help businesses lower health care costs and increase organizational efficiencies by developing onsite wellness centers. Cultivate is one of the first businesses to include onsite chiropractic professionals in organizational wellness programs.

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Talentoday has launched a career guidance tool and service for young professionals who are seeking work and the best pathways to success in today’s uncertain economic climate. The Talentoday services include career guidance, support and resources designed to identify an individual’s assets, strengths and motivation, which can lead to fulfilling and successful career paths. |

Peopletrail has expanded its portfolio by adding licensed private investigative services to help businesses conduct background checks and review their security protocols. The services are designed to guide employers toward making the right hiring decisions and to strengthen their organizational security measures.

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Hire Expectations Institute was recently launched by iCIMS Inc. as a redesign of the company’s popular educational website dedicated to innovation in talent acquisition. Hire Expectations Institute is designed to provide employers and job seekers with a complete Web-based resource for talent acquisition information.

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Jobvite has partnered with HireRight to create a new solution designed to help employers fill positions more quickly through social sourcing. The mission of the new partnership and slate of services is to help clients reduce time-to-hire, bolster quality of hires, and improve candidate and recruiter experiences. The services are designed to help employers meet the challenges of finding and retaining top talent.

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Training and Development

Rosetta Stone Inc. has expanded its portfolio of educational tools by introducing Rosetta Stone Advanced English for Business. This learning tool offers a comprehensive and effective language curriculum for employers operating in today’s increasingly global economy. Optimized to track full paragraphs of spoken content, the speech engine provides users with accurate and ongoing feedback that can be immediately put into practice.

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EASI Consult has developed and launched a new pre-employment aptitude test developed specifically for the manufacturing industry. The Manufacturing Compatibility Questionnaire measures four capabilities that EASI Consult has determined are crucial to being successful in manufacturing jobs: safety orientation, dependability, team orientation and problem-solving.

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Signature Worldwide has launched a new mobile training reinforcement system. The product is called "Signature Cue Tips" and offers employers a convenient way to deliver training-and-development reminders to employees so that they can keep their work skills fresh.

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Workplace Management

Exterro Inc. has unveiled Fusion Employee Monitor, software designed to protect the integrity of corporate data that can be adversely affected by employee job changes and turnover. The software detects employee status changes to ensure that critical information tied to business activities, legal matters or regulatory actions remains secure.

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