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SHRM-Published Books and E-Books (Index) 


 Arranged Alphabetically by Title

*E-books are available through the SHRMStore, Amazon, and/or IPG*)
Title Author(s) Year E-book*
101 Sample Write Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems: A Guide to Progressive Discipline & Termination, 2d edition Paul Falcone 2010  
2011-2012 Health Care Benchmarking SHRM 2012  
2011-2012 Human Capital Benchmarking SHRM 2012  
2013 Guide to Bold New Ideas for Making Work Work Families and Work Institute SHRM 2012  
The ACE Advantage: How Smart Companies Unleash Talent for Optimal Performance William A. Schiemann 2012 IPG
Assessing External Candidates Jean M. Phillips Stanley M. Gully 2009 IPG
Assessing Internal Candidates Jean M. Phillips Stanley M. Gully 2009 IPG
Becoming the Evidence-Based Manager: Making the Science of Management Work for You Gary P. Latham 2009 Audio Book
Benchmarking International Assignment Programs: Assessing Overall Effectiveness Roger Herod 2009 IPG
Building Profit through Building People: Making Your Workforce the Strongest Link in the Value-Profit Chain Ken Carrig Patrick Wright 2006 SHRMStore
Business Literacy Survival Guide for HR Professionals Regan W. Garey 2011 IPG
Business-Focused HR: 11 Processes to Drive Results Scott P. Mondore Shane S. Douthitt Marissa A. Carson 2011 IPG
The Chief HR Officer: Defining the New Role of Human Resource Leaders Patrick M. Wright John W. Boudreau David A. Pace Elizabeth "Libby" Sartain Paul McKinnon Richard L. Antoine 2011  
Comprehensive, All-in-One HR Operating Guide: 539 Ready-to-Adapt Human Resource Letters, Memos, Procedures, Practices, Forms ... and More R.J. Landry 2006  
Corporate India and HR Management: Creating Talent Pipelines, Leadership Competencies, and Human Resources SHRM 2010 IPG
The Cultural Fit Factor: Creating an Employment Brand That Attracts, Retains, and Repels the Right Employees Lizz Pellet 2009 SHRMStore
Diverse Teams at Work: Capitalizing on the Power of Diversity Lee Gardenswartz Anita Rowe 2003 IPG
The Employer's Immigration Compliance Desk Reference Gregory H. Siskind 2009 IPG
Employment Termination Source Book Wendy Bliss Gene Thornton 2006  
The EQ Interview: Finding Employees with High Emotional Intelligence Adele B. Lynn 2008  
The Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws, 4th edition Lisa Guerin Amy DelPo 2013  
The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations, 3d edition Lisa Guerin 2013  
The Essentials of Corporate Communications & Public Relations Wendy Bliss 2006  
The Essentials of Finance and Budgeting Wendy Bliss 2005  
The Essentials of Managing Change and Transition Wendy Bliss 2005  
The Essentials of Negotiation Wendy Bliss 2005  
The Essentials of Power, Influence, & Persuasion Wendy Bliss 2006  
The Essentials of Project Management Wendy Bliss 2006  
The Essentials of Strategy Wendy Bliss 2006  
Evaluating Human Resources Programs: A 6-Phase Approach for Optimizing Performance Jack Edwards John C. Scott Nambury S. Raju 2007  
Expatriate Compensation Strategies: Applying Alternative Approaches Roger Herod 2009 IPG
Expatriate Compensation: The Balance Sheet Approach Roger Herod 2008 IPG
From Hello to Goodbye: Proactive Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations Christine V. Walters 2011 IPG
The Future of Human Resource Management Mike Losey Sue Meisinger Dave Ulrich 2005  
Global Compensation and Benefits: Developing Policies for Local Nationals Roger Herod 2008 IPG
Global HR Management Series Roger Herod 2008-09  
Got A Minute? The 9 Lessons Every HR Professional Must Learn to Be Successful Dale Dwyer Sheri Caldwell 2010 IPG
Healthy Employees, Healthy Business: Easy, Affordable Ways to Promote Workplace Wellness, 2d edition Ilona Bray 2012  
Hidden Drivers of Success: Leveraging Employee Insights for Strategic Advantage William A. Schiemann Jerry H. Seibert Brian S. Morgan 2013 Kindle
HIPAA Privacy Source Book William S. Hubbartt 2003  
Hiring Source Book Catherine D. Fyock 2004  
Hiring Success: The Art and Science of Staffing Assessment and Employee Selection Steven Hunt 2007  
A History of Human Resources: SHRM's 60-Year Journey SHRM 2008  
HR and the New Hispanic Workforce: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivating and Leveraging Employee Success Louis E.V. Nevaer Vaso Perimenis Ekstein 2007  
HR at Your Service: Lessons from Benchmark Service Organizations Gary P. Latham Robert C. Ford 2012 IPG
HR Competencies: Mastery at the Intersection of People and Business Dave Ulrich Wayne Brockbank Dani Johnson Kurt Sandholtz Jon Younger 2008 IPG
HR Immigration Pocket Guide Peter F. Asaad Jing Yeophantong 2010  
HR Magazine Guide to Managing People SHRM 2006 SHRMStore
Human Resource Essentials: Your Guide to Starting and Running the HR Function, 2d edition Lin Grensing-Pophal 2010 IPG
Human Resource Transformation: Demonstrating Strategic Leadership in the Face of Future Trends William J. Rothwell Robert K. Prescott Maria W. Taylor 2008  
Human Resources in Research and Practice: The RQ Reader SHRM 2010 IPG
Igniting Gen B & Gen V: The New Rules of Engagement for Boomers, Veterans and Other Long-Termers on the Job Nancy S. Ahlrichs 2007  
International Assignment Programs: Tackling the Critical Issues Roger Herod 2009 IPG
Investigating Workplace Harassment: How to Be Fair, Thorough, and Legal Amy Oppenheimer Craig Pratt 2002 SHRMStore
Investing in People: Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives Wayne F. Cascio John W. Boudreau 2008  
Investing in What Matters: Linking Employees to Business Outcomes Scott P. Mondore Shane S. Douthitt 2009 SHRMStore
Leading with Your Heart: Diversity and Ganas for Inspired Inclusion Cari M. Dominguez Judith Sotherlund 2010 SHRMStore
The Legal Context of Staffing Jean M. Phillips Stanley M. Gully 2009 IPG
Legal, Effective References: How to Give and Get Them Wendy Bliss 2001  
Manager of Choice: 5 Competencies for Cultivating Top Talent Nancy S. Ahlrichs 2003  
The Manager's Guide to HR: Hiring, Firing, Performance Evaluations, Documentation, Benefits, and Everything Else You Need to Know, 2d edition Max Muller 2013  
Managing Diversity: A Complete Desk Reference & Planning Guide, 3d edition Lee Gardenswartz Anita Rowe 2010  
Managing the International Assignment Process: From Selection Through Repatriation Roger Herod 2009 IPG
Managing to Stay Out of Court: How to Avoid the 8 Deadly Sins of Mismanagement Jathan Janove 2005 IPG
A Necessary Evil: Managing Employee Activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … and the Hundreds of Other Social Media Sites Aliah D. Wright 2013  
Never Get Lost Again: Navigating Your HR Career Nancy Glube Phyllis Hartman 2009 IPG
Outsourcing Human Resources Functions: How, Why, When, and When Not to Contract for HR Services, 2d edition Mary F. Cook Scott B. Gildner 2006  
Performance Appraisal Source Book Mike Deblieux 2003  
Performance Consulting: A Practical Guide for HR and Learning Professionals, 2d edition Dana Gaines Robinson James C. Robinson 2008  
Point Counterpoint: New Perspectives on People & Strategy Anna Tavis Richard Vosburgh Ed Gubman 2012 Kindle
The Power of Stay Interviews for Engagement and Retention Richard P. Finnegan 2012 IPG
Proving the Value of HR: How and Why to Measure ROI, 2d edition Jack J. Phillips Patricia Pulliam Phillips 2012 IPG
Quick! Show Me Your Value Theresa Seagraves 2004  
Reinventing Diversity: Transforming Organizational Community to Strengthen People, Purpose and Performance Howard J. Ross 2011  
Reinventing Talent Management: How to Maximize Performance in the New Marketplace William A. Schiemann 2009  
Responsible Restructuring: Creative and Profitable Alternatives to Layoffs Wayne F. Cascio 2002  
Retaining Your Best Employees: Nine Case Studies from the Real World of Training Patricia Pulliam Phillips 2002  
Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad: Breakthrough Ideas for Keeping Your Best Workers Richard P. Finnegan 2009  
Short-Term International Assignments: Implementing Effective Policies Roger Herod 2008 IPG
Smart Policies for Workplace Technologies: Email, Blogs, Cell Phones and More, 2d edition Lisa Guerin 2011  
Solving the Compensation Puzzle: Putting Together a Complete Pay and Performance System Sharon K. Koss 2008 SHRMStore
Staffing Forecasting and Planning Jean M. Phillips Stanley M. Gully 2009 IPG
Staffing Strategically Staffing Series Kit Jean M. Phillips Stanley M. Gully 2009  
Staffing to Support Business Strategy Jean M. Phillips Stanley M. Gully 2009 IPG
Stop Bullying at Work: Strategies and Tools for HR and Legal Professionals Teresa A. Daniel 2009 SHRMStore

Strategic Staffing: A Comprehensive System for Effective Workforce Planning, 2d edition Thomas P. Bechet 2008  
Supervisor's Guide to Labor Relations T. O. Collier, Jr. 2001 IPG
Trainer's Diversity Source Book Jonamay Lambert Selma Myers 2004  
Transformational Diversity: Why and How Intercultural Competencies Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive Fiona Citkin Lynda Spielman 2011 IPG
Understanding the Federal Wage & Hour Laws: What Employees Must Know about the FLSA and Its Overtime Regulations Seyfarth Shaw, LLP 2004  
Up, Down, and Sideways: High-Impact Verbal Communication for HR Professionals Patricia M. Buhler Joel D. Worden 2013  
Weathering Storms: Human Resources in Difficult Times SHRM 2008 SHRMStore

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