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Creating an Ethical Culture : Business decisions aren't always black and white, so how can you trust that your employees will do the right thing? Read our cover story and listen to an interview about business ethics from an unlikely source--an ex-convict.

The Return of Retention: When it comes to sustaining star talent, think like a good coach: Once you land top performers, you have to motivate them to stay--and raise their game.

Changing Change Management:  Given how people react to it, you might think change is a four-letter word. Robin Broadnax, SPHR, talks about how she helped to combat change fatigue in a large health system.

Q&A: Mark Divine: A former Navy SEAL applies the lessons he learned in the military's most elite team to the workplace.

For more from the April issue, including a profile of U-Haul's CHRO, a legal primer on systemic discrimination, and an update on how companies are using their own data to identify promising new hires, visit our April Table of Contents.

 Online Extras

Multimedia: Rationalizing Unethical Behavior Listen to an interview with Chuck Gallagher, author, business expert--and former convicted felon.

Management Tools: Are You the Leader Who Complains Too Much? A little venting is normal, but when it turns into excessive whining, leaders can create a toxic environment and undermine their credibility. How to know when it's not them, it's you.

 Our Book Blog, including summaries of:

  • 97 Frequently Asked Questions About Compensation – Answers to the most often asked employee compensation questions from experts in the Society for Human Resource Management’s HR Knowledge Center.
  • Being Global – A guidebook geared to help business leaders master the complex mind-set and competencies that are essential to succeeding in today’s globalized world.
  • Applying Advanced Analytics to Management Decisions – How to apply advanced analytics to human capital management and avoid costly mistakes in your HR decision-making process.
  • Managing Employee Turnover – Research-based strategies for diagnosing and managing employee turnover, which can be expensive, disruptive and damaging to organizational success.

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