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HR Executives Online:
SHRM Offers Performance Management Standard
Employers large or small looking for help when it comes to launching or improving their performance-management strategy can now turn to the Society for Human Resource Management's latest standard.

Workforce Article:
Human Capital Metrics Proposal Hits Snag
HRPA's continuing opposition to guidelines for human capital metrics means the standard will likely never make it to an ANSI review.

HR Reporter:
Real life measurement strategy
A workable standard for comparing HR results between organizations is being developed – watch this video for details

Bloomberg Article:
HR Group Creates Workforce Metrics
Cubicle workers who’ve been told their medical benefits are being “enhanced” by a hike in co-pays, or that 360 reviews are an improvement on a one-on-one chat with the boss, often greet a new idea from HR with skepticism.

Workforce Management Article:
SHRM Developing Metrics to Gauge Human Capital Assets
Under SHRM's draft human capital metrics standard, companies would report on topics including spending on training and development, ability to retain talent, leadership quality and employee engagement.

The HR Capitalist:
HRPA to SHRM: We Don't Need No Stinking Standardized HR Metrics..
Some of you may be aware that there's a big SHRM initiative underway to standardize different HR and Human Capital metrics across all companies.

HR Policy Association:
HR Policy Asks SHRM Secretariat to Withdraw Proposed Standard For Company Disclosure of Sensitive HR Information to Investors, Public
In a letter to the HR Standards Secretariat at the Society for Human Resource Management, HR Policy asks SHRM to withdraw the standard it is developing for adoption by the American National Standards Institute for publicly held companies to prepare a Human Capital Discussion & Analysis similar to the SEC's Compensation Discussion & Analysis and Management Discussion & Analysis.

HR Executive Online:
Setting Standards
A fierce dispute has erupted within the HR community over the creation of standards aimed at enabling investors to better understand the value of the HR function. Critics say the effort will add a costly mandate that will mostly benefit "companies that are seeking to make an acquisition, raid talent or apply competitive pressure."

Bloomberg BNA:
Groups Oppose Draft Standard on Value of Human Capital
A draft standard developed by the Society for Human Resource Management, which is intended to help investors evaluate the worth of a company's human capital, is causing controversy among human resources professionals who claim the standard will be burdensome to companies and irrelevant to investors.

Business Finance Magazine:
Is it Time to Communicate Human Capital Value to Investors?
According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the American National Standards Institute Inc. (ANSI), the answer is yes. Following up on their cost-per-hire metric, SHRM and ANSI have teamed up once again to develop "Guidelines for ...

How Do Your HR Metrics Compare to Your Competitors’?
CFOs may get a chance to find out later this year by consulting a benchmarking product that’s currently under development.

Chasing Venus: Why CFOs Should Care about People Metrics
Finance chiefs and human resources will have to collaborate more effectively if the new effort to standardize human-capital metrics reporting is to create maximum benefit. (

Power from the People
Can human-capital financial statements allow companies to measure the value of their employees?

ISO TC 260 to hold plenary in conjunction with world HR Conference in Australia
A newly formedInternational Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) working on international human resource standards will hold its second plenary meeting on September 24-25 in Melbourne, Australia. ISO TC 260, Human resource management, will explore human resources (HR) practices...

An 18th Century Solution to Human Capital Reporting Standards
“Bayes’ Theorem” on probability offers a bridge between two schools of thought about whether proposed standards are a good idea.