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Wage Fixing Case Involving Tech Giants Heads to Trial 
A California judge has ruled against a group of Silicon Valley tech giants, including Apple, Google, Intel, and others that sought to avoid a class-action lawsuit claiming they colluded to fix wages, according to news reports.

Teleworking? No Problem
Although “there is a huge amount of skepticism surrounding remote work ... there is more workplace technology supporting remote work than ever,” said Sara Sutton Fell CEO and founder of FlexJobs, a virtual company that helps jobseekers find flexible work options. Some 16 million people telecommute part-time and another 3.3 million work remotely 100 percent of the time.

'Big Data' Offers Golden Opportunity to HR
When organizations are more precise in finding the people with right skills, they can reduce their cost-per-applicant and cost-per-hire.

Recruiters Turn to Niche Social Sites to Find Talent
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus have become familiar hunting grounds for most recruiters. But today, more-enterprising talent professionals are going beyond the “big four” to unearth talented passive candidates who demonstrate their abilities on lesser-known industry niche sites.

New HRIS Accommodate Tech Changes
Costly new components—software-as-a-service, human capital management applications, analytics and social media—are shaping the future of HR information technology.

Social Media Accessibility Barriers Analyzed
A virtual town hall meeting to gather ideas to help people with disabilities better use social media has lasted nearly a month. Adding captions to photos, providing voice-control options and transcribing audio messages are among ideas tossed around at “Advancing Accessibility and Inclusion in Social Media—The User Experience.”

Mobile Recruiting Rising 
Experts say to attract the best and brightest talent, companies must optimize their career sites, and HR departments must use multiple avenues to recruit.

Court Rules on Destruction of Facebook Posts
The case involves a sexual harassment claim by Heather Painter, who worked for a dentist, Aaron Atwood. She alleged he climbed on top of her with his pants undone and held her down. After allegedly suffering extreme emotional distress, she quit and filed a lawsuit against him. Part of the case hinged on the destruction of evidence that was on Facebook.

Ready for March Madness?
Technology has fundamentally changed how we work and completely transformed how we goof off. High-profile sporting events, like the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament, illustrate this transformation as millions of workers use their employers’ computer networks to participate in office pools and watch games online—all on company time.

All ‘Likes’ and ‘Friends’ Aren't Equal 
If you’re an HR manager, hooking up with LinkedIn groups that represent minorities and disabled veterans may be a great way to broaden your recruitment pool.  But “friending” subordinates? Not a hot idea.

Self-Destructing Text Messages on HR's Horizon 
It was only a matter of time before the self-destructing messages of “Mission: Impossible” fantasy became a reality. Now that the technology has arrived—sans the signature smoke—it has created new legal and public relations issues for HR leaders to consider.

Social Media at Work

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Watching the Olympics at Work
Let the games begin! But don’t let your employees stop working because of them. When NBC Universal airs more than 1,500 hours of Winter Olympic coverage across all of its television networks and, it will be the most programming ever aired for a Winter Olympics and “more than the coverage of the previous two Winter Olympics combined,” according to The Washington Times.

Technology and Strategic Objectives
The broad use of self-service technology has given some HR professionals more time to engage in such activities as bolstering employee recruiting campaigns and revamping the company’s performance-appraisal process. But experts say whether technology is enabling HR to focus on strategy depends on the technology and the definition of strategy.

Innovation Institute Opens in N.C.
Why HR Should Care About the Target Data Breach

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