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Employee Relations 

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Emerging Leaders' Approach to Networking  
Bowling and karaoke, wine and beer tastings, game nights—one SHRM chapter’s fresh, fun spin on networking for college students and new graduates.

The Employee Handbook: Perennial Headache
Keep it concise, understandable and in line with current laws.

Harsh Interrogations May Draw False Confessions  
Using investigators trained in hardball, police-like interrogation tactics can lead to charges of false confessions and to lawsuits.  

Attitudes on 'Goofing Off' at Work Change
Technology has changed how we work and completely transformed how we goof off. High-profile sporting events illustrate how workers use employers’ computer networks to participate in office pools and watch games online—on company time.

Not All ‘Likes’ and ‘Friends’ Are Equal  
“Friending” subordinates, demanding private passwords and other social-media no-no's.

Boomers vs. Millennials: What Makes Each Happy?

Workplace Gossip: What Crosses the Line?

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12 Mistakes Managers Commonly Make
Using examples from everyday life, 12 Mistakes Managers Commonly Make walks managers through the right and wrong ways to handle workplace situations.

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Get an overview of terminology and issues associated with employee relations.

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HR Stories
Holly Curtis, Executive Advisor of HR at Lake Capital, tells a story from early on in her career that involved swimsuit calendars in the workplace.
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Trends Impacting Consumer Eye Health and Wellness
Feb. 19, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Optometrist Nikki Rai and benefits thought leader Celina Burns discuss why eye exams and vision benefits are a minor investment with major payoffs.
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