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SHRM Chapter Study Blog
SHRM Chapter Study Implementation Task Force - Call for Volunteers

SHRM recently conducted a comprehensive study designed to evaluate and better define the Society’s relationships with our affiliated chapters and state councils.   One of the exciting aspects of the study’s outcomes is a new focus on results and mission-driven metrics, with elimination of non-essential requirements.  As part of this new focus, SHRM is revising its rewards and recognition programs – and we need your help!


To assure that the revised programs meet the needs of the chapters, volunteers and the organization as a whole, SHRM is establishing a volunteer task force.  The Implementation Task Force will be charged with working with staff to update the association's chapter recognition programs for 2013 by:


·         Providing input on awards and recognition for chapters,

·         Reviewing options and prototypes, and

·         Providing feedback on the feasibility of proposed programs from a chapter implementation perspective.


The task force will conduct its work between January and June 2012.  Members will be expected to attend an introductory call in January and two 1-hour conference calls per month in February, March, and April, with additional calls possible in May and June. There will be additional work to prepare for calls, with a total commitment of six months and approximately 20 hours.


In consultation with Mariner Management, our outside association consultant, SHRM staff will select task force members in December 2011.  We are seeking 15 individuals based on a set of criteria designed to ensure the work group reflects the diversity in our chapters. The criteria considered include:


·         Chapter size

·         Chapter Staffing (Staff / all volunteer)

·         Geography

·         Chapter Member Make-up (100% vs. non-100%)

·         Multi-Generational (within the task force)


If you are interested in serving on the task force, please click on the link below and complete the application form no later than December 2nd, 2011.  Please note that selected candidates must be able to commit to attending all scheduled conference calls and completing any pre- and post-meeting work as required.


For more information, please direct inquiries to

SHRM Chapter Study Update Call
The next SHRM Chapter Study Update Call will be Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 3:00 pm ET.  The email notification with call in instructions will be sent to State Council Directors, State Council Director-Elects, Chapter Presidents, Chapter President-Elects and CMPs. 
Chapter Study Update

The Chapter Study project was been in full swing for the last few months.  We’ve had 100+ individual phone conversations, reviewed and analyzed data from over 22,000 surveys, met with the Chapter Study Taskforce for 1 ½ days, met with key staff players at SHRM numerous times.  We presented to the SHRM Board of Directors at the June meeting in Las Vegas our early findings.  Our next steps in this process is to develop the framework around the enhancements of partnerships with our affiliates.  We will host 3 additional conference calls with volunteers on the following dates at 3:00 pm ET – July 28th, August 18th & September 22nd.  Invitations will be sent approximately one week prior to the Chapter Presidents and State Council Directors – all volunteers are welcome to join.

Chapter Study Update

The Chapter Study summit took place in mid-May with volunteers from across the country to analyze data received from the 22,000+ surveys that Mariner Management facilitated with our volunteers.  We concluded that three years from now, half of the U.S. workforce—the largest single segment—will be made up of workers born after 1978, or "Millennials." Segment members in HR like the sense of community that chapters offer, but they want a different "vibe." Our research has shown it isn’t unusual for Millennials to describe our current chapter structure and culture as "a bit stodgy."  We continue to review all of the data received and will keep you posted as we move forward.

-- Pam

Chapter Study Update
The consultants are wrapping up the quantitative and qualitative aspects of their research. We expect to get preliminary findings in early May when we will be engaging staff, members and volunteers in strategy planning.  Earlier we indicated we'd send a written survey to all volunteer leaders, however, we opened the survey up to more than 22,000 members and volunteers.  In addition, the consultants interviewed 104 members and volunteers and overall on our surveys we've had a response rate of 35% among leaders, 24% among chapter members, and 14% among at-large members.  This response rate is much better than the average for data collection which has a response rate of 10-13%.  Many thanks to those who've responded, been interviewed or otherwise have participated thus far in this process. More to come.  -Pam
Feedback on SHRM Chapter Leader Survey
I just completed the SHRM Chapter Leader Survey.  There are some very important questions asked in the survey, and that being said, it really takes much more than 10 minutes to complete, especially if SHRM is looking for any substantive comments.
Some questions will require the chapter leader to review chapter financials and membership information.  This takes time.  Also, I ended up skipping the questions on member engagement and the composition of our chapter (small versus large companies).  To answer accurately, this would require even more research time.  If those questions were asking what I believed (i.e., my opinion or guess), then perhaps I would have answered them.  However, that was not clearly stated.
Overall, I like what SHRM is trying to figure out when it comes to analyzing chapter leaders.  However, several of the questions in the survey would be better served with a different approach by the consulting firm.  A 10-minute survey is not the place to get accurate data when the chapter leader needs to dive deeper into chapter records.  Most of us work full-time jobs and also serve large chapters.  It is nearly impossible for us to know information about our chapters off the top off our heads.  I would be glad to take the time to provide SHRM with this information, but I did not feel it served anyone by guessing at the answer in the midst of an online survey.
Dave Furlan
Greater Madison Area SHRM
SHRM Chapter Study Update

This week, the consultants continued their interviews with key stakeholders, board members, SHRM staff, members and volunteer leaders.  Inside SHRM, we continue to talk about the importance of connecting with our members virtually and in person.  The chapter study will help us look at ways to do both. More to come... Pam Green, SPHR

Chapter Study Update 3/9/11

Our consulting group, Mariner Management, was able to attend the Regional Summit at the end of February and met face to face with over 90% of our current State Council Directors as well as our Field Services Directors.  Mariner is in the process now of collecting data and conducting interviews with SHRM members, volunteers, and SHRM Staff.


We have also conducted the first of 5 webinars/conference calls with State Council Directors and Chapter Presidents.  The February 17th webinar is posted on the VLRC at as well as the Q&A from the webinar.  The next conference call is scheduled for March 10th at Noon – ET.  We will post the recorded conference call on the VLRC as well.


Initial feedback has been positive and I know we all eagerly await for more results, but I am certain our patience will pay off in a stronger member engagement strategy in the end!  Until next week...

SHRM Chapter Study Blog  is created
We have launched a blog site for SHRM Chapter Study.