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Published Standards

ANSI/SHRM 09001.2012, Performance Management

Designed as a proposed set of minimum elements of a performance management system in three areas - goal setting, performance review and performance improvement plans.

ANSI/SHRM 06001.2012, Cost-per-Hire

Designed as a tool to allow an organization to determine accurate and comparable costs of recruitment through a standard algorithm to calculate the recruiting costs to be incorporated into cost-per-hire. Standard is structured at a high level. Specific consideration and responses are also addressed for consideration by individual organizations based on specific hiring environments and requirements. Errata: On page 16 of the standard, in Table 4, the first column should be labeled "Internal Costs", not "External Costs"

ASIS/SHRM WPVI.1-2011, Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Standard (In conjunction with ASIS)

Provides an overview of general security policies, processes, and protocols that organizations can adopt to help prevent threatening behavior and violence affecting the workplace and better respond to and resolve security incidents involving threats and episodes of actual violence.