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California Resources Page

California Resource Page

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California Family Rights Act Amendments Go Into Effect
Significant amendments to the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) regulations took effect on July 1, 2015.

10 Tips to Comply with Upcoming Sick Pay Mandate
The Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 obligates employers in California to offer sick pay to nearly every category of employee.

FedEx Agrees to Settle Drivers' Misclassification Claims for $228 Million
FedEx Ground Package System Inc. has reached a $228 million settlement agreement with approximately 2,300 drivers in California, resolving the drivers' claims that they were misclassified as independent contractors and are due wages and other benefits under California law.

California Provides Extensive Whistle-Blower Protections Is a worker who blows the whistle on purported illegal activities or dangerous work conditions a savior or a troublemaker? That depends on how management views such disclosures.

Joint Employers Can be Held Liable for Employee Misclassification
In a wage-and-hour class action filed by food and beverage vendors working in California entertainment arenas, the California Court of Appeal ruled that a state Labor Code provision making it unlawful for any employer to “engage” in the willful misclassification of an individual as an independent contractor applies not only to the employer actually making the misclassification, but also to any employer who is aware that the co-employer has willfully misclassified their joint employees and fails to remedy the misclassification.

Significant Employment Bills Still Pending in Legislature
A number of significant employment-related provisions are advancing in the California legislature. These measures have survived the June 5, 2015, deadline for bills to pass their house of origin and include one that would increase California’s minimum wage beyond the already contemplated 2016 increase and to $13 per hour by 2017.

What Can HR Learn from the Ellen Pao Trial?
For HR professionals, the highly publicized sexual harassment and retaliation case brought by former junior partner Ellen Pao against a Silicon Valley venture capital firm offered rare opportunity to see the evidence used to bolster and defend a sex bias case.

California Employers Have Another Reason to Scrutinize Settlement Agreements
When settling employment disputes, California businesses would be advised to keep in mind this phrase: “restraint of a substantial character.” That phrase was a key part of a recent ruling by the federal appellate court with jurisdiction over California.

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Employee Benefits Strategies
The purpose of the Employee Benefits Strategies series is to identify the benefits California organizations provide to their employees and determine if they leverage these benefits for recruitment and retention. In this research, California data are compared with national data.

Metro Economic Outlooks
SHRM’s Metro Economic Outlook reports provide comprehensive analysis of the economies of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Click below for reports on:
Los Angeles
San Francisco
San Diego

The Ongoing Impact of the Recession
These survey findings look at differences between California and the U.S. in financial health, hiring, recruiting, and the skills gap.

The Employee Benefits Landscape
How do California employers compare with national averages in benefits offerings? Survey data of 300 benefits are reported in 11 areas. 


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