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Q&A: How to Ensure Compliance with California’s New Fair Pay Law
SHRM Online
asked three experts to share their views on about statistical analyses, labor law and compliance measures related to the Fair Pay Law, which takes effect Jan. 1, 2016. 

Sacramento Increases Minimum Wage
The Sacramento City Council voted 6-3 to increase the Sacramento city minimum wage to $12.50 over a three-year period.

Small Group Market Expansion: If California Forges Ahead
In 2016, California businesses with 51-100 employees will, for the first time, face the same health insurance market requirements as employers with 1-50 employees. 

Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor Can Challenge Sanctions
The company sponsor of a Japanese exchange visitor to the United States may challenge in court sanctions imposed on the company by the U.S. State Department, the federal appellate court with jurisdiction over California ruled.

California Employers Win Latest Round in Bag Check Battle
A federal judge in California handed employers a recent victory, dismissing a class action lawsuit brought by Apple retail store employees who wanted to be paid for the time they spend waiting for their personal bags to be checked at the end of their work shifts

California Drought Has Wide-Ranging Effects in Business Community
In California, the four-year drought crisis is affecting workplaces. The water crisis has led to many job losses in agriculture. It’s likely also reducing employment in food manufacturing, according to experts. 

What Not to Ask on an Employment Application in Calif.
With holiday hiring in full swing, it is a good time to review some basic rules about employment applications in California.

Tension Between AB 60 Driver Licenses and Form 1-9
California’s Assembly Bill (AB) 60 allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue a driver’s license to any person, which could include an undocumented person, who cannot establish their legal presence in the U.S. but otherwise meets licensing requirements to drive a motor vehicle.

Gov. Brown Signs Wage Theft Bill, Other Employment Measures
Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law several employment-related bills, including one relating to wages owed under a court judgment, and vetoed several others, including one that would have expanded paid family leave.

Mandatory Employment Arbitration Survives California Challenge
Gov. Jerry Brown declined to sign Assembly Bill 465, which would have made it unlawful for "any person" to require another to sign away legal rights as a condition of employment.

No Overtime Pay to Firefighters to Pick Up Protective Gear
Firefighters did not have to be paid for time spent retrieving protective gear at their home fire station before reporting for shifts at a visiting fire station, the federal appellate court with jurisdiction over California ruled.

New Calif. Fair Pay Law Is Toughest in Nation
A new California law that will take effect Jan. 1, 2016, will shift to employers the burden of showing that any differences in pay between the sexes are due to seniority, education, a merit system or other acceptable factors. It will be the toughest fair-pay law in the country.

Paystub Violations No Longer a Payday Under PAGA
California employers are often sued for technical errors contained in wage statements due to the hefty penalties attached for noncompliance. A new law makes paystub violations “curable,” giving employers 33 days to fix errors before they can be sued.

Companies Can Minimize Risk of Costly Misclassification Suits
Lawsuits recently filed in Pennsylvania and California allege that Uber drivers were cheated out of reimbursement for expenses and tips as a result of being misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees. Three food delivery companies in California also were recently sued for misclassifying their workers. These lawsuits can be very expensive to defend, but companies can take steps to minimize their risk exposure.

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The Employee Benefits Landscape
How do California employers compare with national averages in benefits offerings? Survey data of more than 300 benefits are reported in 10 areas. 

Employee Benefits Strategies
The purpose of the Employee Benefits Strategies series is to identify the benefits California organizations provide to their employees and determine if they leverage these benefits for recruitment and retention. In this research, California data are compared with national data.

Metro Economic Outlooks
SHRM’s Metro Economic Outlook reports provide comprehensive analysis of the economies of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Click below for reports on:
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The Ongoing Impact of the Recession
These survey findings look at differences between California and the U.S. in financial health, hiring, recruiting, and the skills gap.


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